Quotes About Day

Writing about Day

“you know that something, like a shimmer in the air or a change of atmospheric density takes place, a flicker in the mind or in the heart, a realization that this thing has stirred you……this is what takes place when you look at a painting by Day Bowman.”

Andrew Lambirth, writer and art critic

“Day Bowman’s new work is very strong indeed. Looking at the paintings, although the feel and the touch is very different, their spirit reminds me of Prunella Clough, whose work I love, and who engaged with sources very close to these works …….the subtle and affecting relation of abstract colour and forms to overlooked and unvalued landscapes and objects.”

Mel Gooding, writer and art critic

“I have collected Day Bowman’s work for over 15 years and her paintings are as fresh and compelling today as they were when I first acquired them.  Visitors to my home always remark on the power of her work which deserves to be made available to a much wider buying public.”

Gail Rebuck DBE, Chair of Random House Publishing

“Day Bowman’s art is at once vibrant and individual, her use of line and colour is both powerful and disturbing.”

Michael Berkeley, composer and presenter of Radio 4’s Private Passions

Day Bowman’s new works are a seminal step in the battle to record the darkness without mute, muzzle or compromise…they function as way markers – spiritual coastguards for the restoration and extension of artistic lighthouses to come.  A truly authentic prize beyond value.”

Michael Horovitz, poet

“ The physical, emotional and mental energy involved in the real business of painting is evident in the depth and richness of the images (Day Bowman) creates.”

Libby Anson, curator and critic

“Day Bowman’s paintings are so incredibly full of movement and life. Her layered and varied mark-making draws you in: the large works are simply breath-taking, while the smaller ones lack nothing in terms of power, but offer a more intimate encounter……. it is an honour to be associated with an artist of such calibre.

Anna McNay, art writer, editor and curator

“…the result is subtle and sensuous in colour, with the linear activity mapping the emotional cross-currents.  The formal aspects of the work are passionate, intended to engage the spectator in dialogue, and hold attention.  Day Bowman maintains a position of vigilance; there is a moral rigour beneath the gestural surface.”

Andrew Lambirth, writer and art critic

 “When I first saw the picture of the storm painted by Day Bowman I almost went into shock.  How could she have known what the rogue wave that nearly killed us looked like?  But there it was.  I had to buy it.  I spend hours staring at it and when I make the mistake of taking things for granted, it reminds me of when I faced my own mortality.”

Tracy Edwards OBE, yachtswoman

“…a wonderfully varied and authentic personal expression.  Day Bowman’s subject is not so much the sea and the wind, but the experience of them – her work close in spirit, perhaps, to an artist such as Peter Lanyon.”

William Packer, art critic

“These are superb pictures, which I found compelling. They show truly original talent.”

Henry Porter, author and journalist